Monday, January 24, 2005

Next up: Contest of Eternal Champions

Here's an interesting rumour for those interested by these sorts of rumours. Scroll down past the naked cartoons and Grant Morrison screaming. Down to "Crisis on Infinite Moorcocks". Note the red traffic light, which means the rumour is probably false. It's still interesting.

According to the story, veteran fantasy writer Michael Moorcock has done a bible for DC comics, explaining how magic works in the DC mythology. Maybe that's less of a 'bible' and more of a 'book of shadows', but you know what I mean. The rumour goes on to suggest thatMoorcock may end up involved in DC's plans to relaunch its universe, which has been (here's that word again) rumoured to involve a mini-series currently called 'Crisis II'.

Moorcock's currently publishing a four-issue comics serial through DC (art by Walt Simonson, possibly the best of all current mainstream comics artists). It's an Elric story, set in the character's youth. Elric, of course, is one aspect of Moorcock's Eternal Champion; which is to say that he's one of a number of Moorcock characters — along with Corum, Hawkmoon, Jerry Cornelius, and a ton of others — who all adventure through different realities, but who are all reflections of one greater hero.

The irony here is that DC's original Crisis On Infinite Earths had as its main goal the simplifying of the DC universe by wiping out an infinity of parallel Earths. If this rumour is true, and it probably isn't, DC's gone out and hired themselves a writer best known for writing a series of books (or a series of series of books) all about a wide variety of parallel Earths.

Oh, and Ain't It Cool News has a couple of interesting links today. This one goes to a site which lists the titles of the trading cards for Star Wars, Episode III — basically giving away the entire plot of the movie. This one goes to the trailer for the Neil Gaiman-Dave McKean film Mirrormask. Or at least it's supposed to; all I get is a few seconds of a repetitive song.

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