Saturday, January 29, 2005

Comics news and links

A group connected with the Toronto Comicon has put together a set of awards for Canadian comics creators. It'll be called the Shusters, after the Canadian-born co-creator of Superman, and the first ceremony takes place April 30 in Toronto. There's more info here, and you may notice I've posed a question in the comments down below the press release, basically asking how these awards are going to deal with French-language comics and the Qu├ębec comics industry.

Other interesting stuff: Alan Moore was interviewed on a BBC radio show the other week. You can find a link to the audio from that show here, if you scroll down to "Chain Reaction" on the list of shows. That link should be good until this Thursday. Or you can just go over here and read the transcript of the program.

"It worked for Byron." Heh.

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