Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Readings, and other things

Well, that was an annoying delay.

I broke my modem a bit before Christmas, and only now am I back online. It says something odd about society, perhaps, that being able to access the internet is so very important, but (it seems) the only way to get a modem easily is through your ISP.

Anyway, the time off-line may have been useful. I completed the novel I was working on; it's a very rough draft, but is overall complete. It's 106 000 words, and I wrapped it up on Christmas Day a bit after 1 PM. Now I have to put in some heavy time revising it.

Between Christmas and Boxing Day, I added 12 books to the apartment. I read 10 through December, one of them from the library. So that's a total of 113 books read on the year, with absolutely no change in the number of unread books in the apartment overall. I still intend to write about the books I've read, so have added a general-purpose 'readings' tag. I think the exercise of keeping track of my reading was a good one, so I'll continue that for the future, and see how it goes.

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