Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Book Sale

Last week the Friends of the Westmount Library had their autumn "Quality Book Sale". I picked up a bunch of stuff:

Stephen Baxter / Deep Future
Michael Chabon / Gentlemen of the Road
John Clare / The Wood is Sweet
Candas Jane Dorsey / Black Wine
J.P. Eckermann, translated by Gisela c O'Brien, selected and edited by Hans Kohn / Conversations with Goethe
Lev Grossman / Codex
Kathryn Lindskoog / The C.S. Lewis Hoax
Iris Murdoch / Under the Net
Patrick Rothfuss / The Name of the Wind
Dan Simmons / Darwin's Blade
Alfred Lord Tennyson / Poetical Works

So that's 11 books for $15. Not bad, and some very exciting titles in there. The Tennyson is intended as a gift, so that's 10 new books added to the apartment. Interesting to me to note that between this sale and the spring sale put on by the same people, I end up with 22 books, 21 to be read, while the McGill book fair this year gave me 35 books, 26 to be read. So these Westmount sales are kind of catching up to the McGill sale, if only for me personally. Fewer older books to be found at the Westmount sales, though, and generally less idiosyncratic and not as varied as the McGill fair; but the prices at the McGill sale this year were actually slightly higher than in the past, so the Westmount sales actually have the edge there.

The main concern for the Friends of the Westmount Library has to be the amount of space they have to work with, though. There just isn't anywhere near enough space in their current configuration, given the number of books available. It's one thing to have boxes of books under the tables, even boxes on top of boxes, but when the books fill the boxes such that they can't be easily examined, as far as I'm concerned you risk losing a sale. Still, between the Library and Victoria Hall, there are probably answers to these problems. We'll see what happens in future.


Tom Crippen said...

Have you read Codex yet? I'm reading Grossman's new book, The Magicians, and like it a lot.

Matthew David Surridge said...

Haven't read Codex yet; with National Novel Writing Month and various other things, my reading's fallen way behind. I did read The Magicians, though (post to follow eventually!) and on the whole quite enjoyed it. Very smooth prose, very good integration of symbolic imagery into the narrative.